Beth and Trevor Reid
Hot Lava

Collecting appeals, the objects provide interest on a number of levels, their shapes, individuality, colour and the story behind them, it all becomes part of the process.

The West German pottery of the 60's and 70's was the starting point for the series. Over the years we have picked up a large collection from op shops and garage sales and its vibrant colour, interesting shapes and amazing thick lava like glazes provided the concept for the process behind these quilts.

White homespun has been painted to provide colour - rich and vibrant hues through to more subtle monochromatic shades that reflect the colours in the pottery that run from vibrant rich oranges, reds and blues through to the earthy more subtle shades of brown, rust, gray and cream. Reflecting on twenty years of quilting practice, the collection of fabrics making up the lower section of each quilt draws on the extensive store of fabrics accumulated within our studio.

Hand painted white homespun, cotton commercial fabric, cotton, polyester thread and embroidery thread. The quilts are machine pieced, appliquéd, quilted and embroidered.

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