Beth and Trevor Reid
Road to Lancefield

The 'Eyeline' of outcrops and trees stay in the memory, the time that we travelled was always in the evening, the trees silhouetted against the golden rays of the setting sun.

On Christmas Eve there was always much anticipation as the family prepared to travel from Melbourne to Mystic Park near Kerang in northern Victoria. The car was loaded with gifts, food and holiday clothes, we were off. The highlight of the trip was always the Sunbury to Lancefield road with its large granite outcrops and rolling hills. Looking for favourite outcrops as the road wound its way between the golden hills of already dried grass was a game to pass the time.

Hand and commercial dyed cotton fabric, hand painted, wool polyester batting, machine pieced and quilted, machine embroidered, fusible appliqué. The background is free motion machine quilting. The 'Eyeline' of trees and grass is free machine embroidered and the rocks are applied using fusible appliqué and hand painted for depth.

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