Beth and Trevor Reid

The memory of a dust storm that hit north west Victoria, the swirling mass of air and dust bearing down. The colour of the soil a vivid red, the clean, clear blue sky ahead of the storm with the swirling mass of red relentlessly overtaking it. The seeming flatness of the mallee plains offer a wide view of the storm approaching across a huge expanse of sky creating a sense of urgency and wonder. The clearing of the mallee scrub and the planting of crops is a contributor to the instability of the topsoil and a precursor to these storms.
The salt lakes in north west Victoria are visually stimulating with crusts of white salt surrounding them, some have vivid pink waters from the algae that is growing in them. The surroundings are barren, only the scrubby vegetation that can survive in this area is visable alongside large piles of salt that are being mined commercially.


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