pathways - a walk through the australian landscape - contemporary quiltmaking from canberra by tACTile

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Jenny Bowker has taken a walk through Australia's forests and beaches and looked at the tracks offered, taking tracks as a metaphor for moving through life. Jenny has offered in her images, Snapshots in the Palmetum, Pathways to the Ground, Pathways in Stone, as snapshots taken en route.
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Dianne Firth uses abstraction to interrogate landscape images and ideas.
Line, colour and texture are important elements of the works and are manipulated to provide a sense of movement or to create a meditative mood. Dianne's quilts depict a Nautical Pathway: The Scallop,
a River Pathway: Wet/Dry, and a Human Pathway: Desire Line - the latter alluding to a pathway through life, where both change and continuity coexist.
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Helen Gray has explored the urban pathways decorated by graffiti artists in the Australian Capital Territory. Her inspiration comes from her attraction to the energy of the symbols and messages of these youthful street artists on their own particular pathway to maturity. The works are, Australia Post, Garage Door and Ride a Bike.
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Beth Miller's quilts, River Barge, Fish Pond and Sydney Seabreeze, have explored the journeys through the waterways that tranverse and surround our continent - journeys sustained with a life source. We see through the past present and the future in her works, how in exploration, trade and nourishment water promotes as well as commands the journey.
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Beth and Trevor Reid have looked at rivers and their paramount importance to Australia. The Reid's observation is of the continent opening up via the river systems, strongly flowing, deep and murky, or dry sandy riverbeds, following pathways to exploration and onto pathways to trade. Beth and Trevor depict in the three quilts the river flowing strongly, the river slowly meandering and the river desolate - Looking Back, Wading In - Shallows to the Deep and Undercurrent.
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